I am an 
art director, 
designer, and
brand manager 
with 16 years of experience. 

I began my career as a book cover designer in New York City, working for independent and academic publishers throughout the country. Since then, I've gained experience in print design, digital design, branding, brand management, art direction and creative team management. My biggest passion is branding and all aspects of the process, from strategy to design, rollout, and education.
In my free time, I'm usually volunteering with various animal rescue organizations, where I've had experience as a foster parent, creative director, brand manager, and board member. I also founded and run Rose + Anchor Photography, a pro-bono photography service aimed at helping to get foster and shelter pets adopted.
I currently live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, two dogs (plus one foster at any given time), and about 50 houseplants.

Honors & Awards
UNC University Communications Staff Awards 
Above & Beyond Award // February 2022
Above & Beyond Award // November 2017
2023 Davey Awards 
Gold in Promotional-Invitations & Cards // Recent Acquisitions Evening Invitation
Silver in Corporate Identity - Logos // Carolina Community Academy Logo and Mascot
Silver in Corporate Identity - Branding // Global Food Research Program Logo and Brand
2022 Davey Awards 
Gold in Corporate Identity - Branding // The Graduate School Brand
Gold in Corporate Identity - Branding // Nutrition Obesity Research Center Logo and Brand
Silver in Corporate Identity - Logos // DentAlliance Logo
2021 Davey Awards 
Gold in Design & Print - Other // Chancellor's Holiday Greeting
Silver in Corporate Identity - Branding // Carolina Together Brand (logo and art direction)
Silver in Corporate Identity - Branding // University Office for Diversity and Inclusion Brand 
2020 Davey Awards 
Gold in Corporate Identity - Branding // identity.unc.edu 
Gold in Websites - Health & Health Services. // carolinadentistry.org
Silver in Corporate Identity - Logos // 225 Years Logo
Silver in Corporate Identity - Identity Style Guide // University Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines 
Silver in Corporate Identity - Branding // Carolina Dentistry Logo and Brand
Silver in Promotional - Posters // Alternate Tunings Poser
2019 Davey Awards
Gold in Annual Reports // Institute for Global Health Report
Silver in Environmental Design // Journalism School Banners 
2018 Pica Award
Offset and Digital Printing // Institute for Global Health Report 
2018 Davey Awards 
Silver in Logos // Arts Everywhere Logo 
2012 ACI (Association for Conservation Information) Awards
1st place in Posters // Law Enforcement: Off The Pavement Poster
3rd place in Big Ideas, Small Budgets // Wise Horticulture Brochure
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