Carolina Dentistry
Art Director, Designer
Project Details
Carolina Dentistry represents all patient care at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry. Through discounted services administered by faculty and students in every dental specialty, Carolina Dentistry has the ability to reach the vast majority of the local community. With this in mind, I was tasked with creating a logo, brand, and website that is appealing to this wide audience. The logo combines a reimagined local UNC icon, the Old Well, with a swoosh of toothpaste. To further tie in to the UNC brand, traditional Carolina colors, combined with a few unique colors, form a palette that evokes familiarity and trustworthiness. Supplementary design elements, such as floss-inspired patterns and both abstract/representational icons, are used to add to visual interest and friendliness to the brand. The website utilizes all of these elements for a design that is clean yet welcoming.
This brand and website were Gold and Silver Award recipients in the 16th Annual Davey Awards
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