Client: UNC University Libraries
Role: Art Director, Designer
Project Details: When the Southern Folklife Collection celebrated their 30th anniversary, they planed a public concert, Alternate Tunings: A Night of Folk and Bluegrass Guitar, to mark the occasion. I created promotional materials for the event that tied into the Carolina brand, yet represented the Southern Folklife Collection as well as the musicians performing at the event. 
The client requested an image of a guitar, so I created a custom illustration of a guitar that replaced the headstock with an owl, since the animal is commonly found in folk/Americana imagery and fit in well with the timing of the event, being in the evening in autumn. The poster and program needed to include a lot of information, so I faded the rest of the guitar into the background to focus on a primarily type-based design. My goal create a warm and welcoming feel by using typefaces that have slightly rounded edges, and customizing the title typography.
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