UNC University Office for Diversity and Inclusion
Art Director, Designer
Project Details
The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion has primary responsibility for providing University-wide leadership on best practices and strategies to build and sustain an inclusive campus community. The office is a resource for anyone and everyone that interacts with the University from high students enrolled in their Project Uplift program to prospective faculty members. When designing their brand, it was important to create elements that would be energetic and inviting, yet flexible enough to be serious when needed. Colors were pulled from the University's expanded color palette, but used in a unique way that sets them apart from other offices and departments. Both a serif and sans serif font were chosen to switch between playful and serious, while also providing variety. Shapes were created based off of the letterforms in "Diversity and Inclusion" to create brand elements that are simple in appearance, yet meaningful. Then patterns were created based off of those shapes, to tie all of the visual elements together. 
This project was a Silver Award recipient in the 17th Annual Davey Awards
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