The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Art Director, Designer, Brand Manager
Project Details
UNC's previous unit logo system was created in 2004, and was a momentous first step in establishing and solidifying the University's brand identity. As the University evolved, the system proved to be too rigid and excluded most departments, offices, and programs on campus. The result was that these groups would then create a logo that had no visual tie to the University. I strategized with the University Communications office to come up with a system that was more inclusive, thus fostering brand recognition for both the University and individual groups on campus. We created new, expanded criteria for groups that could be given a unit logo, and created a second tier of logos (department logos) for groups that fall under those units. In order to accommodate this new structure, I created a completely new, more modern and legible, design template for the logos.
As part of this new logo rollout, I also redesigned the University's business cards. 
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